Giving at North Park Church of Christ

Attend a service and participate in the collection of tithes and offerings as part of our worship celebration by placing your cash gift, offering envelope, or bank check  in the collection plate as it is presented to you or in one of the convenient offering boxes provided in the foyer.

You can request offering envelopes with your personal designated number from the church office and unnumbered envelopes are available in each pew. If using an unnumbered envelope be sure to add your name and/or number (optional) so your gift can be recorded for your year-end giving statement.

By Mail: Write a check and drop it in the mail to North Park Church of Christ, 4938 Westerville Rd., Columbus, OH 43231.

E-Giving: Many banks offer an electronic checking system where you can send a check through your bank account. You may already have this option with your current checking account and not even know it. Check with your bank.

Mobile/Online/Phone App Giving: In researching different avenues of online and mobile app giving, we have chosen Zelle because it is free to the giver (you) and to the receiver (the church). All others charged a monthly fee and/or a percentage of the gift. As a small congregation, we felt it important to keep these costs low and free is pretty good! Check with your bank for the Zelle option (most offer it) and/or download the Zelle app to your devices and follow the directions.  Use the following information for North Park Church of Christ, email:  (NOT our regular church email)

Click the link below for more information on this method of giving.

Happy Giving!